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An SMSF is a unique kind of trust that individuals can set up to deal with their own superannuation.

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Like a typical super fund, your employer contributions still get paid into the fund and you can make extra contributions as you see it.

Many individuals also utilize their SMSF to help plan for their retirement and help with tax planning. 

SMSF Loan Features  

  • Private or business property
  • New or existing funds
  • No minimum of other assets required
  • No home loan insurance
smsf commercial and residential loans

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Self-guided super assets (SMSFs) can borrow cash for the purchase of private or business venture property, with the property held in trust for the SMSF until the loan has been reimbursed.

SMSF loans are supported by home assurance/s from the recipients (individuals) as well as an affirmation from the SMSF trustee that the loan is in line with the fund’s venture system. 

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